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MDC has provided Midwood students with afterschool activities since 1980.

MDC offers afterschool programming at P.S. 197, P.S. 199, and P.S. 326. Students receive homework help, lessons in math, science, cooking, dance, arts and crafts, martial arts, and physical recreation in a safe and nurturing environment.

Thanks to the NYC Council, who once again restored funding for COMPASS, MDC is able to provide quality afterschool programming in P.S. 197. Thanks to additional funding provided by Council Members Deutsch and Greenfield, our programs will be enhanced by additional science activities.

MDC also runs afterchool programs at P.S. 199 and P.S. 326. This program is funded by parents but meets the same licensing requirements and high activity standards as our COMPASS-funded programs. To register and submit payment, please see below. For additional information, contact Julian Akins at (718) 376-0999.

Register Your Child

To make an Afterschool Activity payment enter the student’s name and then click the payment button. You will be directed to our secure payment page. Please allow popups on the payment page in order to receive a receipt. Thank you.

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Students invented their own superheroes whose powers are used to help their community. Click on the thumbnails below.