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Since its founding in 1976, MDC has responded to changing community needs and issues. When the agency began, the neighborhood was plagued by illegal drug activity. MDC was instrumental in helping resolve it. Later, MDC moved into housing development and preservation. As community needs changed, MDC responded with new programs. Today, our programs include housing services for renters, tenants and home owners; youth programs; supported employment and recreational programs for people with developmental disabilities; and commercial revitalization.

MDC’s housing program serves over 3,000 people annually. MDC operates after school programs at P.S. 193 and P.S. 197. Recreational programs for people with developmental disabilities include  Project Connect, Print Shop and Arts ConnectProject Sweep is a supported employment program for individuals with developmental disabilities.

MDC has been hosting an annual street fair, the Midwood Mardi Gras, since 1976, and has been publishing the Sentry newsletter since 1978.

MDC was instrumental in forming the district-wide Midwood Merchants Association (MMA) in 2010. Today, we continue to provide the MMA with technical assistance and partner with them to promote the Midwood shopping district. Joint MDC-MMA activities include Shop Midwood Week and the Shop Midwood Customer Loyalty Program; the Avenue J Sidewalk Sale and the Avenue M Sidewalk SaleMidwood Food Tours, held each spring and fall; and the Annual Seniors and Students Art Show.

In 2014, MDC proudly hosted its first Purim Festival. In 2015, MDC and MMA presented the first-ever Midwood Restaurant Week. In 2016, MDC presented its first NYC Weekend Walk event: the Amazing Midwood Movie & Family Fun Night.

MDC relies on the generosity of our friends and neighbors to support us and help us to continue to bring these much-needed programs and services to our community. To donate, please click here. Thank you!

MDC’s Board and Staff at the Annual Adopt a Staff Lunch