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1976  Midwood Development Corporation formed. First Annual Midwood Mardi Gras street fair held.

1978  First Sentry newsletter published.

1979  1,500 housing units rehabbed with the NYC Department of Housing Preservation funding. MDC becomes a Neighborhood Preservation Program, with NYS funding. Funding received from NYC Office of Economic Development for Ave J commercial revitalization. Tree Inventory Preservation Project launched.

1980  After-School recreation program at Murrow High School initiated.

1981  $670,000 Kolbert Park renovation completed. 250 apartment units renovated with NYC Participation Loans and Article 8A loans Home Loan Improvement Program (HIP) for rehabilitation of single-family owner-occupied homes is sponsored. After school program begins evening educational program with NYC Youth Board funding.

1983  18 buildings and 631 apartment units on Ave K rehabilitated at a cost $6.2 million. $200,000 in home improvement loans for 25 local homeowners facilitated.

1985  Evening GED program implemented with funding from NYC Youth Bureau, now DYCD.

1986  Graffiti Busters program cleans up and paints Midwood.

1987  608 units rehabbed and provided with energy conservation with funding from NYS DHCR (now HCR) and NYC HPD. Project Connect, a family support program for developmentally disabled young adults, begins.

1988  Senior Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) distributes food to needy seniors.

1989  Tenant housing rights program initiated.

1990  Project Sweep, a supportive employment program for individuals with developmental disabilities, begins.

1991  Fuel group purchasing cooperative program inaugurated. English as a Second Language (ESL) classes facilitated with NYC Board of Education. New Immigration Center for Education provides ESL and survival skills for New Americans.

1992  Midwood Youth Council (MYC) established; First Annual Neighborhood Entertainment Day held in Kolbert Park.

1993  South Brooklyn Crime Prevention Conference held. New American Housing Assistance Program (NAHAP) begins with bilingual volunteers.

1994  Co-Op Support Group formed.

1995  Project Sweep adopts Kolbert Park. NAHAP expands to assist over 2,000 new Americans annually with housing and related social service delivery issues.

1995  Annual Students and Seniors Art Show introduced

1996  Midwood Directory of Shops and Services produced; Volunteer-led English Conversation Circle established. First Annual Art Show held.

1998  Dorman Triangle included in NYC Parks & Recreation Department’s GreenStreets Program.

1999  Mid-Brooklyn Directory of Community Services published. ESL classes begin.

2000  Brooklyn Borough President funds ESL classes. Project Sweep expands to Pitkin Avenue BID; Annual Youth Merit Awards Program initiated.

2003  MDC receives New York Community Trust Grant for housing and immigration assistance.

2005  Midwood Shoppers Guide produced. MDC receives three Out of School Time contracts.

2006  2nd Edition Mid-Brooklyn Directory of Community Services published.

2007  MDC receives AvenueNYC grant; expands Project Sweep services to Sundays.

2008  The Print Shop, an age-appropriate arts and crafts program for people with developmental disabilities, begins.   

2009  Foreclosure prevention collaboration established.

2010  MDC receives AvenueNYC grant to form Midwood Merchants Association.

2011  Sentry goes on line. First Annual Midwood Food Tour held.

2012  OPWDD funded Arts Connect, an age-appropriate program for individuals with developmental disabilities, begins.

2013  Fee for Service After School Program Begins in PS 326; MDC receives Placemaking grant for Marvelous Midwood.

2014  First Purim Festival held. ESL expands to two teachers. Fee for Service After School Program begins in PS 199.

2015  First Midwood Restaurant Week held. MDC introduces Computer Classes for seniors.

2016  MDC presents its first Amazing Midwood Movie & Family Fun Night.