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Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz is partnering with RUSA Russian Radio, Kings Bay Y, Shorefront Y, Assemblymembers Helene Weinstein and Pamela Harris, State Senator Diane Savino and City Councilmembers David Greenfield and Alan Maisel in asking for specific goods (listed below) and monetary donations to assist the victims of Hurricane Maria, thousands of whom lost their homes and worldly possessions and in many cases are still without electricity and clean water.

Unlike the previous drives organized by the assemblyman, Chabad of Puerto Rico is now coordinating with the southern Brooklyn relief effort. The organization, which helps everyone in need, already has a successful ground operation underway and will be arranging transport and distribution of the items collected. The drive is expected to last about three weeks.

The following items are being accepted for donation. (Please make sure all food items are unexpired.)

* Wraps or tortillas
* Crackers
* Snack packs of almonds or other nuts
* Apple sauce minis
* Non-refrigerated fruit cup minis
* Jelly (small size)
* Peanut butter (small size)
* Milk (long-shelf), 8 oz. only
* Individual cereal boxes
* Instant soups (just add water)
* Instant meals (just add water)
* Canned goods (best if pop-up)
* Canned beans (smallest size)
* Canned corn (small)
* Chuck light canned tuna or pouch (6 oz.)
* Chickpeas
* Rice (1 or 2 ib. bags)
* Snacks/energy bars
* Laundry detergent
* Bars of soap
* Disposable diapers (all sizes)
* Cleaning supplies such as toilet sanitizers

Items may be dropped off either at the Kings Bay Y, 3495 Nostrand Avenue, or the Shorefront Y, 3300 Coney Island Avenue. Drop-off hours at the Kings Bay Y are 9 am–7 pm Mondays–Fridays.

At the Shorefront Y, donations will be accepted 8 am–9 pm Mondays–Thursdays; 8 am–5 pm Fridays, and 8 am– 4 pm Sundays. (Note that the Shorefront Y will be closed all day Oct. 4th and Oct. 5th. They will be closing at 4 pm Oct. 11th and will be closed all day Oct. 12th and Oct. 13th.)

Anyone wishing to make a monetary donation may do so by visiting chabadpr.com/relief.

“This is an American territory where thousands of Americans are drinking unclean water from creeks and living without food, electricity, fuel, and essential items – the direct result of two weeks of a completely inadequate response by the U.S. government,” said Assemblyman Cymbrowitz.

“Many people forget that the people of Puerto Rico are American citizens who love our country, pay taxes, serve in the military, and have sacrificed their lives for the freedoms that all of us enjoy. We owe it to our fellow citizens to help them get through this devastating time,” said Anna Pekerman, President/CEO of RUSA Russian Radio (105.1FM HD2 New York, 103.5FM HD2 Miami, 102.1FM HD2 Philadelphia, and iHeart Radio).

“New Yorkers know firsthand the hardships that can come from natural disasters — and they particularly know the importance of coming together to help their neighbors in need. I encourage those who have the means to donate items to a nearby drop-off center and take the opportunity to help those during this extremely difficult time,” Senator Savino said.

“While the destruction in Puerto Rico is devastating and disheartening, it is reassuring to see our community come together in this tremendous outpouring of support for fellow Americans,” Assemblymember Weinstein said.

“The devastation in Puerto Rico has left so many without food, water and power. In these trying times, we must come together to support each other and help our fellow Americans. Even the smallest of donations can make a big difference for a family in need. I’m proud to stand with my fellow New Yorkers in doing all we can to lend a hand,” Assemblymember Harris said.

“This is truly a desperate situation and while the average New Yorker can’t help with the major recovery that is needed, I know that everyone can do one little thing  and it will make a huge difference in the lives of the thousands of people who are fighting for survival,” Councilmember Maisel said.

“I am proud to support Assemblyman Cymbrowitz’s relief efforts in conjunction with Puerto Rico’s Jewish community.  This is a crisis, and as Americans, we have to come together to prevent it from becoming an American tragedy,” said City Councilmember Greenfield.

“It’s important that we do what we can as decent people and humanitarians to help our fellow American citizens who lost their homes and worldly possessions and are living without electricity, plumbing, food, and essential supplies,” said Leonard Petlakh, executive director of the Kings Bay Y. “I encourage everyone to do a mitzvah and please give what you can.”

“As an organization that has worked to help victims of Superstorm Sandy for nearly five years, we know firsthand the devastation that natural disasters can wreak on coastal communities. We at the Shorefront Y are proud to partner on this initiative and bring assistance to our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico as we do here in Brooklyn,” said Sue Fox, executive director of the Shorefront Y.

“There are entire communities that were desperate before being slammed with Hurricane Maria. Their situation has only been aggravated with the devastation that was brought on as a result,” said Rabbi Mendel Zarchi, who runs Chabad of Puerto Rico with his wife, Rachel. ”Our commitment to the people of Puerto Rico is one person at a time. To bring respite and relief to one person will ensure that no one shall be left behind.”

To see photos of the work that Chabad of Puerto Rico is doing to help the people hit by Hurricane Maria, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ChabadPR.