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The New York City Water Board has extended an existing rebate on water and sewer bills for low-income homeowners to include an additional 12,000 senior citizens.

The $115 rebate is currently provided to more than 53,000 residents who meet certain income qualifications, such as those qualifying for federal energy assistance programs. The extension will take into account additional factors to open it to more seniors during this fiscal year.

The New York City Water Board also approved a new $250 per residential unit credit for next year for multi-family buildings that meet certain affordability, conservation, and performance criteria. The new credit will give $10 million to properties — as many as 40,000 units — and is also meant to promote affordability.

“As chair of the NYS Assembly Housing Committee, I know that water and sewer costs play an expensive role when it comes to keeping low- and fixed-income individuals in their homes,” Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz said. “I applaud Mayor de Blasio and DEP Acting Commissioner Sapienza for extending this credit to an additional 12,000 seniors and making NYC more affordable to our vulnerable populations.”

The $115 credit will appear on the next water and sewer bill for almost 17,000 Brooklyn households.

In 2015, the Home Water Assistance Program provided the first annual credit to 12,500 low-income homeowners who qualify for the federal Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP).

In 2016, the program was expanded to also include low-income senior and disabled homeowners who receive a DOF property tax exemption. Beginning in FY18, the program will reach senior citizens with a combined annual income of less than $50,000. Also eligible for the credit are residents receiving a HEAP benefit, those with property tax exemptions, and multi-family buildings that conserve water and enter into an agreement to keep rents affordable.

For more information, contact Assemblyman Cymbrowitz’s office at (718) 743-4078 or cymbros@nyassembly.gov.